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Responsive Site with Southern Charm for Texas Bed and Breakfast

Tammy and David Doriot are the owners and innkeepers of White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas. Tammy is also Acorn's Sales Manager and an astute student of internet placement. We had built Tammy a custom website in Spring 2012, but as with all sites built before the responsive revolution, the beautiful site had fallen behind from a technological standpoint. Tammy doesn't let moss grow on her Google ranking, so she decided to take her site responsive. Since she loved her site, and wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible, she decided to have a Custom Responsive site built:


You can see how well it turned out! About the site, Tammy says:

"As a long time customer of Acorn, when Lisa and the team said we needed to make our site responsive to conform to all the changes in the search engines, we never gave it a second thought. Now that it is done, we absolutely love it. It is so much easier to work on and is really getting rave reviews from our guests."

We are so happy for our friend and customer!

Annie Buck
Local, Social Media and Education Support
Acorn IS

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