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A Test - Feed Your Blog to Google + and Facebook with Hootsuite

An question that comes up all the time, especially when someone goes from a Blogger blog to a WordPress blog, is, "How can I feed my blog to both Facebook and Google +?". Blogger blogs feed directly to Google +, and then you can use RSS Graffiti for Facebook, It's been working well. When you switch to WordPress, though, you lose the Google + feed and have to take another step to update Google Plus with your latest post.

So, I decided to give Hootsuite a try, as it offers the ability to post to both Facebook and Google + from any kind of blog. Here is how it's set up:

I used the HMS Conference Hootsuite account to feed the blog out to the social medis platforms.

I did have to wait over 12 hours for the first post to go out, which was disconcerting, but then the second one worked really well. So it sounds great, right? You can eliminate that extra step and just add posts to your blog, knowing they will go right out to Facebook and Google +. Well, not so fast. I believe very much in the idea of eye-candy. I always like to put nice images in my posts, to make them more attractive to the reader. Hootsuite falls short in this area. Here is what my test post looks like- it has two beautiful images:


Here is the post as fed to Facebook through Hootsuite:


And here is the post to Google + :


So, in my opinion, although using Hootsuite makes this very easy, I will continue to use RSS Graffiti for Facebook and manually posting to Google Plus, so I can keep my eye-candy!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS
Local, Social Media and Education Support

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