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Updating RSS Graffiti Permissions for Your Blog Feed

If you have a blog, you should be feeding the posts out to Facebook. You can do this quite easily with an app called RSS Graffiti, which is available through Facebook. The app is free and easy to use, but if you've had it for a while, you may have noticed that your feed suddenly stops working every now and then. That is because the permissions expire periodically and you must update them so your blog feed will continue to work. Here are the directions on how to update the permissions, as well as directions to update the cut-off date in your app.

First, sign in to Facebook.

Next, type RSS into your search bar and choose the first result, RSS Graffiti:


Next, in the upper right, click the Account Settings link:


Next, click "Re-set Account Permissions":


Next, click "Go to Permissions Dialog":


Then, you will have 2 or 3 permissions to accept that look like this:


(That's our lovely volunteer, Kathryn Bundy from Foxfield Inn!)

Go ahead and click "Okay" on those permission dialogs.

You have now reset your permissions. Next step is to update the cut-off date for your blog.

Back on your RSS Graffiti app, click the blog feed name: 2

Next, click the "Advanced" tab:


Now, go down to Filtering Options and click the little calendar to the left of the date field. Scroll through the calendar and choose the current date, then click "Save Changes":


Now, click the green "On" button:


Then, click the "Off" button:


So that you're back to the green "on" button, then click the link that says, "View on Facebook":


Now, with everything set correctly, you will be able to see your blog posts feeding to Facebook:


By following these simple steps, you can make sure your blog continues to feed to Facebook without interruption.

Annie Buck
Local, Social Media and Education Support
Acorn IS



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