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Pinehurst Inn Launches a New Turnkey Site

Nancy Sandstrom is a tech-savvy innkeeper who knew that she needed a responsive site for Pinehurst Inn, but didn't want a new site design, since she liked the look of the site she had. Nancy decided to try Acorn's Turnkey solution, which updated the existing site into a Responsive form. Our developers built the existing look of the site into a Turnkey Base:

screenshot of Pinehurst Inn's home page Of the process, Nancy commented:

"We are so pleased to have discovered Acorn. Between the vast amount of education and marketing tool, we were already seeing a difference. Then we looked more closely at the need for a responsive design. We were happy with our old site and wanted to maintain the "flavor". So when the idea of the "Turkey" concept was mentioned, we decided to go ahead. This process was relatively simple, made easy by excellent organization from our Project Manager and completed in a very reasonable time frame. We are thrilled. Now onto a wonderful guest-filled summer!"

If you're interested in our Turnkey solution, contact our Sales Manager, Tammy Doriot, for a quote. Tammy's email is, or call: 877-226-7699.

Annie Buck
Local, Social Media and Education Support
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