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Change is in the Air with BBOnline Hosted Websites

bbonline logoI just received a call from an Innkeeper who has been hosting their Inn's Website Pages with BBonline for many years.  He just found out the BBOnline is no longer going to be able to make updates to their Hosted Inn's Website Pages after May 1, 2014 and is recommending that they find another Website company to assist.

I have a call into the BBOnline representative to see if I can learn more, but in the mean time, if you or someone you know is using BBOnline as their host for their own Inn's website, it's important to know that action will soon be required.

An Email Snippet from BBOnline to the Innkeeper

"Since 2012, BBOnline has not collected payments from customers who purchased their inn websites from us in the past. As a courtesy, we continued to make edits to these inns' websites per individual requests.

However, beginning 5/1/14, BBOnline will no longer have access to the files necessary to make changes to your inn's website.

Your inn's website will remain online. However, while we are able to make changes to your BBOnline listing page any time, we are no longer able to make changes to your BBOnline website starting 5/1/14."

So it sounds like those who have hosted their own Inn's Website with BBONLINE won't be offline, but they won't be able to edit their sites, and are encouraged to find another provider to take over their hosting, build a new site, etc.

If you or someone you know is going to need assistance, please have them E-Mail

I am in the process of working up a "Hold Me Over" transfer package of their current page content and photos until they can move into a fully new, functional RESPONSIVE DESIGN to handle both Desktop, Tablet and Mobile displays!

Lisa Kolb
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.
President and Co-Founder

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