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Some Spring Cleaning You Might Actually Enjoy…

looking down a staircase to a wall with a round windowIn case you haven’t seen the buds on the trees yet or the birds chirping in the air, we’d like to let you know that Spring is upon us!

With flowers and gardens in bloom and spring cleaning on the horizon, is it the right time to clean up the photography on your website, too? You have a lot on your plate as a B&B owner! Steven Lemongello of Atlantic City describes it well: “a challenging, 24-hour, seven-day-a-week responsibility in which every aspect of a guest's stay must be perfect, every section of a room clean and spotless, and every need met and question immediately answered. It's much more than many innkeepers ever imagined - but in the end, they wouldn't want to do anything else.”

And you shouldn’t have to do anything else… like be required to be a photographer, too! But, photography is an extremely important element in keeping those rooms filled and making all your time and effort worth it. Carsten Arnold puts it this way, “Photographs are the handshake, the first impression you give to your potential clients. The photos clients see online are the first, and sometimes only, chance you get to make a good impression.”  Arnold also notes, “By far, the majority of Bed & Breakfasts are photographed with nothing more than a simple point and shoot camera, and often with just a camera phone. These devices cannot handle the unique lighting, wide angle views and sharpness required.”

Tiffany-style lamp on table between two leather chaors in front of fireplace and large windows looking at blue skyIt’s no use putting all your effort into making your rooms look amazing and up-to-date, in making your gardens and patios a Pinterest dream, if you don’t have them photographed by a professional who can showcase all your hard work in some eye-catching photographs. It would be like buying a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and not springing for automatic locks and windows… a little ridiculous!

At Acorn, we offer professional photography services that are sure to impress future guests, and we kept in mind that B&B owners are also on a budget. Spring may just be the perfect time for photos, too, since all is turning green and beautiful. Check our website for more information about our photography services and email Tammy Doriot ( to set up your photography session today. We travel all over the country!

Allison Daniell
Acorn IS

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