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The Innkeeper’s Personal Coaching and Training Workout Plan!

Rocky I’m sure you’ve all seen the TV commercials where the person comes on the screen and says, “I could NEVER lose weight on my own”, but with XYZ Program I’ve lost 30, 40, 50 pounds and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life!

Even successful athletes, in real life and on the big screen, all had people in their lives (Coaches) that helped them reach their goals…

  • Nadia had Béla Károlyi
  • The Bears in the 80’s had Mike Ditka
  • and Rocky had Mickey

… just to name a few!

This concept of having a Coach even applies in the world of Innkeeping. Innkeepers can become more successful in their own businesses if they have the right Coach helping them.

Acorn IS has spent over a decade coaching, teaching and supporting Innkeepers with their dream. As time passes, it’s only getting harder and harder to continue to be successful Innkeeper. Between keeping up with the Internet, Google, Social Media, Blogging, Newsletters, Website and studying your Statistics, let alone all the tasks involved in just “Running your Inn”, you may find you need a Coach to help you set your priorities and focus on the most important things you need to spend your time on when it comes to Marketing your Business.

Since 2005 we have been offering our MarketWatch Program to Innkeepers who wanted help from a Coach. Someone who would watch all the different facets of their online placement, and offer advice and suggestions to help you grow their businesses.

Just recently, our team of MarketWatch Project Managers met and worked together to totally revamp our MarketWatch Program. We updated the items that need to be evaluated on a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Yearly basis and prioritized THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that all Innkeepers need to be watching, tracking and doing to achieve the highest possible level of success.

MarketWatch Reports are available on a Monthly or Quarterly Basis, and include…

Recommendations, Suggestions and Tips
We share what’s NEW in the world of Marketing and how it relates to you and your specific business.

Executive Summary
This is where you will find your MarketWatch details consolidated “At-a-Glance” including SERP placement, Google + Business Data, Traffic (Web and Mobile), Bounce Statistics, and your Paid Directory Top performers.

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Placement Detail
We go into detail regarding your SERP placement including the Local Pack, Organic, Local Carousel and Map placement for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Google+ Business Page Statistics
We review your Google+ Business Page and its current “standing” including Impressions, % Complete, Total Reviews, Photos, Videos, Offers and defined Categories.

Google Indexed Pages
Google wants to see that you are continuing to build your online authority. We track the number of pages both on your site and blog, to determine that you are continually providing fresh content to Google, and that they indeed are indexing it.

Dashboard SnapshotNew!
For every MarketWatch client we now provide a customized Google Analytics Dashboard with the most important tracking data for your business at your fingertips, including commentary with Tips, Comments and Suggestions for improvement.

New!Periodic Wellness Checks
There are SO MANY THINGS today to which Innkeepers must attend to in order to maintain your highest possible placement. The Periodic Wellness Check section keeps an eye on all these things either on a Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Yearly Basis. Things including, but not limited to Website and Mobile Speed, Citation Updates, Social Media interaction, Blog Posts, Webmaster Tool’s check and so on.

New!Report Card
The Report Card is designed to make sure Innkeepers have completed the “one time” tasks required to maintain placement in Today’s online world. These include Authority Tags, Bounce Wrapper Code, Share Buttons, Responsive or Approved Mobile Site Design, Schema Tags, Google Alerts and so on.

Finally, once you receive and review your report, MarketWatch clients may then schedule a Review Call with their Project Manager to ask questions in order to create their own "BEST" Marketing Action Plan for the Month or Quarter.

  • If you are ready to start “working out” at growing your business,
    please register for our MarketWatch Program by Clicking Here!

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