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The Beechmont, A Bed & Breakfast Inn Launches New Custom Responsive Site

Responsive Design is the hot new technology for website design. The Beechmont, A Bed & Breakfast Inn, near Gettysburg, PA, is the subject of Acorn's first custom responsive design.

The Beechmont, A Bed & Breakfast Inn website

Kathryn White, owner and innkeeper, gave us a wonderful review:

"Several years ago my friend and colleague, Joyce Schulte from Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast, suggested I join her at a Monday evening dinner hosted by Acorn at the Atlanta Innkeeping Conference.  I said yes, and was completely awed by Lisa's presentation.  Later I had a "free" 30-minute private consultation with an Acorn staff member and met Lisa in person.  In that first thirty-minute session Lisa claimed my Google listing, and showed me several errors about one thing or another.  I was hooked! I returned to Pennsylvania and never looked backed.  I asked Acorn to host my website and to complete SEO.  I started attending the webinars and have learned a great deal over the years.

When this newly designed-by-Acorn website went live, I was thrilled.  An hour or two after it appeared, Lisa called from a restaurant where she and Mark were having lunch.  She loved the new design but wanted to tweak one or two items, would I mind?  Are you serious, I'm thinking?  Lisa and Mark have minds that are so quick and so on target that is there is no way I'm digressing or resisting her suggestions!

I have complete and total faith in Lisa, Mark, Sharon, Annie, Pam, Willie, and the rest of the staff.  In the months ahead my Market Watch Reports will point, I'm sure, to the success of this new website.  In addition, I have signed up for Intell-A-Keeper that will help me in the future to analyze and understand just how my marketing dollars are doing in targeting certain guests and getting them to book at The Beechmont.

I have no complaints.  The staff at Acorn is talented, competent, and on the cutting edge.  I could not be more pleased.  My only request is for a staff member to kindly hit me over the head (gently) when it's time to design a new site so I don't wait so long!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"

How nice to be the recipient of such a note! We are always thrilled when our customers are happy with the results of their new site design!

Annie Buck
Local and Social Media Support
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