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Article Correction: Innkeeping NOW Magazine (Spring 2013)

paii-now-spring-2013We recently had the pleasure of writing the article: The Stark Reality of Online Reviews for PAII’s Spring 2013 Innkeeping NOW Magazine.  But as with any article in print, the technology references can go stale very quickly.

In the case of this article, a few specific points regarding Google Reviews that were discussed are no longer accurate. Google changes that fast!

I provided the article for publication on April 1, 2013 and on May 6, 2013 these changes started appearing both live and in test areas of Google.

So, as with all things Google, I’m sure even these corrections will be changing from what we are currently seeing, but for the “MOMENT” this is accurate.

Correction 1:

From Article: “Zagat will be a cornerstone of our local offering—delighting people with their impressive array of reviews, ratings and insights, while enabling people everywhere to find extraordinary (and ordinary) experiences around the corner and around the world.”   Almost 2 years later, we are now seeing Google using these reviews and ratings as part of their search results …

Current Update: Google is in the process of replacing the Zagat Review Rating System with a 5 Star Ratings System used previously.
Learn More?  Part 3: BIG Changes are in store for Google+ Reviews

Correction 2:

From Article: These reviews can be found in Google Web, Google Places, Google Maps, Google apps and the list goes on. Remember, you need a minimum of 10 Google reviews to even show up with an over-all score!

Current Update:

Correction 3:

Rating Image From Article: We showed the following image describing how reviews were scored and rated.  This review chart is no longer valid and has been replaced with a New Ratings System.

Google Ratings have Changed - Zagat Gone

Current Update: The Zagat Scoring and Customer Review system is being replaced with a more simple process.
Learn More?  Part 3: BIG Changes are in store for Google+ Reviews

I do apologize for any confusion, but with the ever improving Google forces, we can continue to expect them to keep changing their displays and algorithms on an ongoing basis.

That's why Continuing Education is so Very, Very Important! 

What we all thought we knew about "How it was Yesterday" more than likely won't be "How it is Today", let alone "How it's Going to be Tomorrow!"

2 thoughts on “Article Correction: Innkeeping NOW Magazine (Spring 2013)

  1. Thanks Lisa, was a good article still. And congrats on the cover story too, but us Club 60’ers already knew you were in the top of the class!!!

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