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Calling all Innkeepers: 2013 Revenue Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsDid you make any 2013 Resolutions to set new and Improved Revenue Goals for your business this year?

If not, I encourage you to Read On!

For the past decade, we have been teaching Innkeepers. We often hear from our Marketing Innkeepers...

“My revenue is up 10%, 20%, 30% + over my best year ever!”

We also see Innkeepers closing their doors due to loss of revenue, especially in today’s unpredictable economy.

The one common thread we see associated with Innkeepers that are succeeding is this...

Successful Innkeepers are rolling up there sleeves and committing to the effort required to maintain an ongoing Marketing Program. These innkeepers are moving beyond the “Good Ole Days”, where it was common to expect that all you needed was a Web site and Google to show you in the listings, and the online bookings would magically roll in without much additional effort.

I’m truly sorry to say that the “Good Ole Days” are gone.

Today, successful Innkeepers are coming to terms with the past, and moving into the future by committing to learn and execute new Marketing skills to grow their businesses.

In 2013 if you commit to learn and execute the following tasks, history shows that you will improve your Revenue.

Our 12 Step Marketing Program consists of the following…

One) Provide a Social, SEO Friendly Web and Mobile site (including professional photography) that strictly adheres to all Google’s Guidelines.

Two) Claim and fix your Google + Local Listing as defined by Google’s Guidelines.

Three) Use Google Tools to maintain your reputation, gather interesting topics for Blog posts, and make contact with new Travel Writer contacts.

Four) Network with your Local Businesses for interesting Blog Articles, Videos, Photos, Special Offerings and Packages.

Five) Create and share Videos, Maps and Photos that draw guests to your Inn.

Six) Write Interesting and Unique Blog posts for your Guests to read and share.

Seven) Tweet, Facebook and Google + your Videos, Images, Maps, Surveys and Blog Posts including “News, Specials and Packages of Interest” for your guests.

Eight) Send Newsletters to Past, Present and Future Guests

Nine) Clean “BAD” and Grow “GOOD” Inbound Links to your site via proper channels.

Ten) Commit to diligently pursuing FREE Press at every option.

Eleven) Review your Traffic and Bookings Statistics to monitor your Success

Twelve) Commit to a program. Items 1 through 11 above continue to change on an ongoing basis. You must be aware of those changes, and adapt to them to continue to grow your business.

And Acorn Internet Services is committed to Educating our Clients and our Industry!

If you read through 1-12 above and said to yourself, “I need to be doing all these things, but I don’t know where to start!” Never fear, Acorn University is here.

Acorn University

Acorn University will …

First) Teach you how to do everything listed in our 12 step Marketing Program above via Recorded Education and Live Webinars. We have over 25 hours of recorded education that you can watch at your leisure, covering in detail how to “DO” all the topics listed above.

Second) Provide you a detailed 2013 Innkeepers Marketing Project Planner so you can keep on track and know when to do what.

Third) Provide you a monthly Q&A Live Webinar Session for any questions you might have about your own Marketing Program and the tasks you are learning how to do as part of Acorn U.

Fourth) Provide a Quarterly Search Engine Marketing Class regarding any changes with both On and Off Page marketing for success with Google.

Fifth) Provide a monthly “Club 60” class with the latest twists and turns for our Industry in the internet arena.

If your marketing budget permits, you could spend $1,000 - $3,000 + dollars a month paying a firm to do all this work for you, but most smaller Inns and Bed and Breakfasts can’t afford that type of fee. Thus, this work becomes something our small B&B Innkeepers learn how to do, and do extremely well on their own.

And what does all this education cost you might ask?

Acorn University for the entire 2013 year is a nominal, one time fee of $99 a year for hosting clients and $249 a year for non hosting clients. Literally the cost of a 1-2 room night stay.

Can you afford not to be marketing at least as well, if not BETTER than your competitors? The answer is no.

Google is no longer going to be nice to stale, non social, un-marketed web and mobile sites.

You will find your placement dropping, and business waning if the work we’ve described above is not completed. Internet Marketing no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have for the Innkeeper who is serious about their bottom line.

Want to check References? Read our GOT GUESTS page.

Questions? We’d love to answer them for you.

You can successfully grow your business in 2013, but you have to start now.

Call (877-226-7699) or email Annie Buck ( to get involved in Acorn University and start seeing results before the springtime flowers bloom!

Lisa Kolb
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.
President and Co-Founder
Educating our Industry one Client at a Time!

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