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A New Site for an Old Story - Alice Lives Again

Acorn is well known as a builder, maintainer and marketer of bed and breakfast websites. It's what we do! How exciting then, to get a call from William McQueen, former owner of an inn in Salida, CO, about his new venture. He and his partners were going to release a film made up of the text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, accompanied by several different drawings from books printed between 1901-1922. A cool idea indeed!

Alice in Wonderland site Said William:

"The best single thing about our version of Alice is the revival of such amazing 100+ year old artwork. Although originally printed in 1865, the first editions by Lewis Carroll contained black and white line drawings by a single artist, John Tenniel. Once the copyrights ran out in 1907, dozens of new editions were published around the world, and the distinguishing feature employed by each publisher to sell their edition was beautiful original color artwork.
Our new Alice features the artwork from 12 of these early 20th century editions and our new Acorn website highlights this artwork beautifully with the Flash at the top of each page.
Acorn has been so helpful in designing our website to show off the artwork.....and to help us get our movie out to the world."

Sometimes it's nice to venture outside of the comfort zone, and we are glad we were able to help!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS

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