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Lucille's Mountaintop Inn & Spa Launches New Website

Jim Matthews and partner Jerry Morris purchased Lucille's Mountaintop Inn & Spa last year from the original Lucille. As new innkeepers, they had many questions about internet presence for their new business, but knew for certain that they wanted a new web site to go with the new management, including new colors and fonts. And Jim was also interested in a custom design, as he had definite ideas on how he wanted the site to look to potential guests:

Web site home page for Lucille's Mountaintop Inn in Georgia

New website development is not an easy task for an innkeeper, as they add to their already busy schedules the business of gathering professional photography to show the inn at its best, the text for all of the pages, and several other tasks, which are probably not even considered when asking for a bid.

Taking all of that into consideration, we truly appreciate the comments that Jim gave us in relation to his new site development experience:

"Working with the Acorn IS team on our new website was an awesome experience.  We knew prior to purchasing the inn last year that we needed a new website, so we talked with Acorn first since they were already hosting the existing website that had been built by someone else.  We really liked Acorn's portfolio of custom sites and found their technical team, marketing manager and owners to be professional and easy to work with.  A bonus for us was their experience as former innkeepers - they understood our business better than we did as brand new innkeepers!  Sure, we talked to other marketing companies, and they were also very good, but in the end we found Acorn’s experience in the industry to be a critical factor.  Perhaps most importantly to me as a Project Management Professional, Acorn had a well documented and thorough website development methodology.  They made it very clear at what points I would have tasks to complete and they explained what work they would be doing throughout the process.  Thank you to the entire Acorn team for a job well done."

We think Jim and Jerry have a bright future ahead of them as innkeepers and are happy to be their webmaster!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS

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