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Acorn Video Challenge - Inn Above Onion Creek and White Oak Manor

At our last Club 60 meeting, Lisa issued a challenge to the innkeepers- to post a video every week, for 12 weeks, and share the video on all available social media outlets. See how much traffic was added to your site (GA and YouTube Anlaytics), if booking tracking software is used, if any bookings were a result of the video and see if placement in Google shifts any due to the Video going viral.

Never ones to back down from a challenge, two Texas inns have taken us up:

Tammy Doriot from White Oak Manor in Jefferson Texas

Amy Dolan from Inn Above Onion Creek in Kyle, Texas

Even if you are not a Club 60 member, try the challenge yourself and see if making videos will help your business!

We will leave you with a video from Ms. Pearl Onion, of the Inn Above Onion Creek:

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