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New Site for Angel Welcome Bed and Breakfast

Angel Welcome Bed and Breakfast of Milan, OH is a lovely property with beautifully tended gardens and angel-inspired decor throughout. The former website for the inn did not represent the property properly.

Bernie and Judie wanted a unique look and so opted for a custom site design. Here is the result:

Bernie told us from the beginning that he wasn't a computer whiz, but with the help and encouragement of Acorn's staff, and Bernie's great attitude and willingness to work hard, we were able to produce a beautiful web site. Here is what Bernie and Judie had to say about the new site, and the process:

"Dear Annie, Helena, & Krista,
Annie & Helena, you’ve both been so wonderful during the development of our website.  Your guidance, direction & patience has been simply over the top!  Lisa & Mark, have the value of untold riches in the two of you!  The website and the work that it entailed was much more involved than I could have foreseen.  I recall in the beginning being told that what we were about to embark on was going to require commitment on my (our) part and that I needed to be prepared to make such a commitment if the website was to be what you were hearing that Judy & I wanted for Angel Welcome Bed and Breakfast.

Judy & I were stunned and awed when we first opened the link to see the beauty of the development, placement of pictures, pictures chosen, the color palette used, & the wording--Krista’s work is simply outstanding!!  I find myself at a loss to describe what a gifted developer she is!  How fortunate Lisa and Mark are to have such an individual on the team.
Thank you! & God’s Blessings Upon you,
Bernie & Judy Pleunik"

Thank you Bernie! We hope the site is a blessing to you as well!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS


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