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Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast has a New Web Site

Franklin Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Sparta, WI is the latest inn to launch a new Acorn Turnkey web site. The new site makes the most of large photos of the inn, as well as great information about the inn and the surrounding area:

Innkeeper Jennifer Dunn said:

"With July holiday celebration coming up soon, here at the Franklin Victorian Bed & Breakfast we have a very exciting celebration to announce. Our NEW Website. Being in business for 10 years, awards being won, and how I love being an innkeeper. But the best part is having amazing guests from all over the world that we have met and hosted here in Sparta, Wisconsin. I have always been learning and educating myself to run the best bed and breakfast I can. I have learned so much from Acorn Internet Services, Web Site Design, Marketing, Hosting and their wonderful webinars and their wonderful team. Knowing that how your website is done is the most important marketing material you will have. Lisa & Mark Kolb owners of Acorn-IS have an amazing team of employees and all their knowledge and customer service is the BEST! It made the development of our website very easy and fun! They helped me learn, they did what was best in the internet world in development, SEO and many other items to make sure our new website was TOP-NOTCH. We are already getting many more reservations in just a week and I look forward to seeing it continue. Our guests have noticed the new website and have already said how they like it and how easy it was to use. I can’t say enough about Acorn-IS and thank you for your expertise and our new turnkey website."

We appreciate the many kind words Jennifer had to say about our team and the Turnkey process.

Happy Independence Day,

Annie Buck
Acorn IS

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