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Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast Launches New Web Site!

Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, in New Orleans recently launched their new web site to the public. Inn owners Joe and Bebe have put in many hours of work to make sure their site is as attractive to the search engines as it is to the eye.

Said Innkeeper Joe:

"Bebe and I thank you all for your efforts on this project. We are pleased with the result and we hope you agree that all the back and forth was worth the effort. We are also just as pleased with the marketing efforts that have resulted in movement back to the top of the organics for our number one key word phrase. Perhaps only Acorn could have guided us back from the abyss after last year's Panda hit. We were a bit skeptical, but we followed instructions with blind faith, and we were rewarded. Great job!

You have not heard the last of us. We are on monthly retainer. And Joe has a few more ideas for the update of this website in a year or so......"

Joe and Bebe know the importance of staying on top of their web site placement, and how a well-built site can help with that.

We hope that you will enjoy the new site as much as we do!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS

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