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January 2012 Google Blogger Housekeeping!

We are now well into the new year 2012, and it’s time again for a few “housekeeping” tasks. After all the work you have put into building up your blog and writing all those posts, you want to make sure it is protected.

This tutorial will use the new updated Blogger interface. If you are using the older version, use these instructions instead:

The first thing we will do us backup the actual blog posts.

On the main screen, click the dropdown box indicated in this image:

Blog back-upThen choose Settings

Now, choose Other, as indicated below:

Now, Choose Export Blog:

Which will bring up a pop-up:

Click Download Blog, then Choose Save File, and OK in the dialog box:

Save your Blog file to a safe spot on your hard drive.

Now, we will back-up your blog's template. Start at the top screen and choose Template from the drop-down:

Then click Backup/Restore from the right hand corner:

Then, Download Full Template:

Then, Choose Save File, and OK in the dialog box:

Blogger BackupSave your template file to a safe spot on your hard drive.

You have now backed up your blog posts and template and are ready for a new year of Blogging!

Another great resource for Blogger users is: Blogger Tips and Tricks, which is a blog written about how to use Blogger.

Blog backups are easy and a great “New Year” task.

Annie Buck
Sales Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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