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Fredericksburg TX Bed and Breakfasts Loves New Numbers!

Joe Cloud of All Seasons Fredericksburg was in a special position. He has three distinct properties in the same town. He wanted to market them all together under the same brand, while still keeping the businesses distinct for Google Places.

Having been a customer of Acorn for quite a while, Joe was asked to be our test subject for the new Turnkey sites. He went through the entire process and helped us refine it to make it easier for our customers. He offered excellent suggestions for making the process more clear and concise.

After all of his hard work, the results:

All Seasons FredericksburgJoe had some comments about the Turnkey process:

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with ACORN creating my new turnkey website. The TurnKey website is a brilliant idea that allows ACORN to provide a great product at a great price for those of us that can't allocate large amounts of revenue to a custom site. I went in to the process with my eyes wide open, expecting it to be difficult and cumbersome since it wasn't custom. Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong. They made the whole process so easy. There are excellent forms and videos with detailed step by step instructions on how to complete the whole process. Your sales person is also available to help with any questions. Once you finish the forms detailing all of the choices you've selected (there are many more options than you might think considering it's turn key!) then the design and marketing team go to work. Let me tell you, the SEO is worth the money alone. They have a brilliant marketing team."

And was very happy happy to tell us about his numbers since the site's launch:

"Year of year revenue increased by 26% the first month we launched the website. Month number two, it increased by 49%! What makes this even more impressive is that this followed two months of revenue decline during our busy season and the revenue increase was during our slowest months of the year. I attribute this directly to the new website. Our online booking success rate has gone from 1.6% to 4.8% since launching the website. "

We thank Joe for his work in helping us refine our new Turnkey site process, and are so happy that his new site is working so well for him!

Annie Buck
Acorn IS Sales Manager
Educating our Industry One Innkeeper at a Time!

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