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EduByte #031 - Adding Posts and Images to New Blogger Interface

I am sure many people have noticed that Blogger has a new interface, which is pretty neat, but can be very confusing. Take a look at the new interface and follow along with our newest Edubyte:

View on YouTube :

Annie Buck
Acorn IS Sales Manager
Educating our Industry One Innkeeper at a Time!

3 thoughts on “EduByte #031 - Adding Posts and Images to New Blogger Interface

  1. Hi Lynda,

    As you can see in the video, you simply type your wording into the large white area, making sure you are in “Compose” mode. You can then add pictures, and as I said, you have a limited ability to move them around the post. It’s better to type your text in first, then add the images and move them around, rather than to add images and try to move text around them.


  2. Thank you so much – more than I can express – for this tutorial, which I found easily through Google. You saved my sanity. In the midst of creating a new post, everything changed and I had no idea how to add a photo and there was nothing useful anywhere in sight. Such clear instruction. I am very grateful.

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