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New Year's Resolutions - Start Planning NOW! (Day 5)

New Years Resolution - Day 5

BE AWARE of Your Basic Internet Surroundings

I’d like to wrap up our 5 day series of New Year’s Resolutions with one last and final thought.  Innkeepers today MUST be aware of their Basic Internet Surroundings.  

Whether you hire a professional to help you with your ongoing marketing, or you DIY (Do-It-Yourself) you have to be aware of the basic “happenings” that continue to occur on the internet that impact your business.

There is truly only one way to do this.  It’s through Continuing Education.  Internet Marketing continues to change on a daily basis; you have to keep learning to provide yourself the awareness of the opportunities and dangers involved in doing business on the web.

So, for your New Year’s Resolution #5, I encourage you to get involved in a Continuing Education program that best fits your needs.  And stick with it.  As we have said for nearly a decade now.  Knowledge is Power. 

Each of the Innkeepers below have already embraced Continuing Education for growing their business.

“I can never get so busy that I'm not aware of the marketing tasks that I have to make a high priority. The current information helps me prioritize based on trends and it is essential in providing solid assistance in making good decisions. These decisions have made a major contribution to this year's bottom line." [READ MORE]

Susan Maddox
Rosemont Inn & Cottages

"I feel I have grown more comfortable with the marketing side of the business with all the classes and videos Acorn provides us to help grow our business. I would be lost without all of their support." [READ MORE]

Tammy Doriot
White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast

“The classes help me to stay on top of the latest trends with social media and technology in general. In every single class I have learned something and applied it. Thank you for being in our corner Acorn!" [READ MORE]

Trish Robinson
The Captain's Manor Inn

"Acorn provides the knowledge of "state of the art" information about many topics. They do the research we get the benefit!" [READ MORE]

Sharon Smith
Two Sisters Inn - a bed and breakfast

"This is a wonderful way to keep up with tech ideas in the industry. Acorn University motivates me to want to try new ideas. At least I know what I should be doing."

Alice Schiller
The Inn at Stockbridge

Call us at 877-226-7699 if you would like to Learn more about how Acorn University can help you grow your business in 2012!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Internet Services

Educating our Industry One Client at a Time!

One thought on “New Year's Resolutions - Start Planning NOW! (Day 5)

  1. Lisa thanks for the great resolutions to keep us on our toes and in the know, always good to have a coach keeping you motivated, and must say much more fun resolutions than diet and exercise!:)

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