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New Year’s Resolutions – Start Planning NOW! (Day 2)

 New Years Resolution - Day 2

Local Business Placement

Simply refer to your Google Analytics and you'll see that Local (Geo-Specific) search phrases are a huge part of your FREE listing traffic.  That is... assuming you are on page one (or close to it) for your City + State + Bed and Breakfast phrases.

Local Business Listing have been around for a few years, but in October 2010 they took over Organic Listings with a vengeance, merging Organic listings with Local results.  Today, both your Organic placement and Local placement have to be top notch or your listing will fall to a lower position.

So... if you have already CLAIMED your Local Listings, and continue to update your Local Listings monthly --- then Great JOB! 

And your New Years Resolution #2 is to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

But... if you haven't yet Claimed your listing, or haven't made any updates to it in "you can't remember when", then we'd like to suggest that you add this action item to your New Year's Resolution list.  

  1. CLAIM your listings.
  2. LEARN how to make ongoing updates.
  3. MARK it on your 2012 calendar to keep updated once a month.

Are you asking yourself if the effort is worth it?  
Here are some Innkeeper stories to convince you that indeed it is!

"Do you know the significance of Google Places Page Freshness and the How To's of safeguarding that, how about how to RSS feed your Blog, why a Blog is an important element of your marketing job and a how it it provides the ever elusive ""freshness"" Google so values, how to and why checking your Google Analytics is important... If knowledge is power can you really afford to be without the power you need to keep your business vital & thriving in this economy?" [Read More]

Patti Wiles
At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn 

"I could not be more excited to be connected with Acorn. Lisa has over the years encouraged, prompted, educated, explained and basically gave all the 'tools of success' to her customers... it was up to us to use them. By choosing one way to say that Acorn has helped would be tough. Acorn with all of their educational webinars, forums, documents has brought our business into the mainstream in an location that is so difficult to compete in. Lisa pushes; she wants each one of us to be the best that we can. Lisa and crew not only explain a new topic, they explain why it needs to be done." [Read More]

Carl Kosko
Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast 

"Great resource to be able to watch the Webinars after hours whenever you want or live. This is a unique service which more should take advantage of as its a "win win" situation.. You seriously can not lose!! Everything you could possibly need to run your Inn successfully is under the "Acorn" banner. We're 130 room nights ahead of last year. A major reason for this is Acorn Internet Services!" [Read More]

Mark Stephens 
Brewster Inn 

"I tell everyone, 'Acorn doesn't give us the fish, they teach us how to fish'. We are so fortunate to be associated with a hosting and design company that not only gives timely, attentive and highly professional service, but that constantly watches out for their customers' best interests. We have been with Acorn for 8 years and are so well cared for by their expert staff that we would never consider moving to another hosting and design company. Acorn University was a brilliant educational creation by Acorn..." [Read More]

Hayden Cabell
The Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm 

Call us at 877-226-7699 if you would like to Learn More about how Acorn University can help you grow your business in 2012!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

Educating our Industry One Client at a Time!

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