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Good Process Contributes to New Design for Manchester, NH Bed and Breakfast

Acorn IS has refined our processes for new custom site designs over the years, with the goal to make the procedures of web site building as painless as possible for our clients. We want the  customer's personality and desired look and feel to be very apparent, but also to make it easier on the client.

Darlene and Eric Johnston of Ash Street Inn, a Manchester, NH bed and breakfast, recently launched a new site:

When I asked Eric for a quote for this blog, I was delighted to receive this:

"We really love the new site and I've even made my first update to the innkeeper's corner!  Everything works great, looks good and has the simple, easy feel that we wanted. Darlene and I, especially the "I" part, were reluctant to see the old website go.  We had it built in 1999 and liked its simplicity and ease of use and really didn't think it needed much change.  Well, it's only been up for 5 weeks and I'm kicking myself for not having it done years ago.  It is still simple and easy to navigate but the "WOW" factor is immense.  New guests just love the pictures and the ability to check availability so easily while our returning guests keep telling us how much better it represents our Inn.  The whole process was smooth and professional but the folks at ACORN truly captured the "feel" that we wanted to maintain while bringing the site into the 21st century.  With the SEO work that was done and ability to now make most of our changes ourselves for no additional cost or bother, our site can really be an asset for us to use to reach new markets and keep our long-time guests abreast of the happenings at the Inn and in Manchester, NH.  We're taking advantage of some of the training aids that ACORN makes available an hope to use many more over the next few months.  Many thanks to the folks at ACORN - having a good process that works for the client is a wonderful thing!"

We are absolutely thrilled that Darlene and Eric are so happy with the new site, as I know they were very attached to the "old" site, and that our process was helpful and simple for them!

Annie Buck
Sales Manager 
Acorn Internet Services

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