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Facebook Changes - Reviews, RSS Feeds and SSL

This has been a big week for changes on Facebook that will affect business page owners. We will look at them one by one.

First- as announced on the Facebook Developers Blog in May (on Friday the 13th- coincidence? You decide.), Facebook is requiring app authors to have SSL certification. You may have changed over to viewing Facebook in a secure connection (so you see https:// rather than http:// in your browser bar) when that option became available at the beginning of the year. Starting on October 1, any app built for Facebook, such as a customized landing page, will require the SSL certification to be viewable online. If your app doesn't meet the requirements, Facebookers trying to view your page with secure browsing will see:


As of right now, all of our Acorn customer's customized pages built before May 2011 are displaying and working well. At some point, however, they may cease to display, at which time you'll need to contact us to update your page with the new requirements.

Second- as of October 31st, the Facebook reviews tab will be going away. They will not be saving this content anywhere within Facebook, so if you want to save your reviews, make sure you copy them off and save them on your computer's hard drive. Facebook has said they will have an alternative coming soon, but no word yet on what that might be. One alternative is to ask people to "Recommend" you on Facebook.

Third - RSS Importer for Notes will not be available after October 31st. If you haven't yet moved from the Notes application to RSS Graffiti for your blog's feed to Facebook, you will want to do that (See our Edu Byte on how to do this) sooner than later to insure an uninterrupted feed.

As we know, Facebook changes all the time, but we can do our best to keep up with the changes.

Annie Buck
Sales Project Manager 
Acorn Internet Services

3 thoughts on “Facebook Changes - Reviews, RSS Feeds and SSL

  1. I had 12 great (really great) online reviews on written by our customers and clients because we gave several options (including Google places, Yahoo and Yelp) These were hard earned reviews that meant so much to us from some very influential locals in our area. It was not easy to get them to write but they did. I am shocked Facebook just deleted them without any notice (at least to me) Is there anything I can do to get what was written – even temporarily?
    Where do I start?

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