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Bed and Breakfasts of Shenandoah Valley - New Site Design

Bed and Breakfasts of the Historic Shenandoah Valley, otherwise known as BBHSV,  debuted their new website last week:

As anyone who has ever worked on a committee representing a larger body knows, it can be difficult to represent the desires of the individual members while still remaining true to the needs of the group at large. I asked the committee to give me an idea of how they came together as an association too get this new site built. Sue from Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast said this:

"Yes, we did do this as an "association" - but as a committee of the association.  So not all members were involved in all the details. What made this work was (1) the larger group approved a total budget and the choice of developer, then was willing to delegate responsibility to the Committee, and did not require knowing about or approving all the "small" details, and (2) the Committee decided up front to work with a developer whom we trusted, and to be guided by their advice.  We knew as individual property owners who were very busy ourselves we could not get caught up in agonizing over every decision; so we wanted to hire an "expert" and let them guide us through the process.  We minimized the involvement of the larger group to a few, specific areas:  1.  Providing the pictures, property and attraction details for their individual property/area, then 2.  Reviewing and approving the "final" product."

Wise words from someone who has been through the process!
Annie Buck
Sales Project Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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