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Lancaster County Bed and Breakfast Enjoying Good Results from New Website Design

Gerry and Dave Blaich own a lovely 1912 Dutch Colonial Inn, with warm and inviting rooms and Suite, but their cute older site didn't reflect the beauty and graciousness of the Lancaster PA Bed and Breakfast, or the surrounding countryside.

Long-time Acorn customers, the Blaichs thought it was time for a new site. Since they really just wanted to update the site, they decided on an Acorn site-lift, which is taking an existing site and rebuilding it in a newer style. We will do site-lifts for Acorn customers who trust in our designs and will allow our designers artistic freedom. A site-lift is about 2/3rd the cost of a whole new site design, but has one big caveat- no back and forth on the design- the customer gives us their photos and any new features they want, and we build a new site. The cost savings comes from little customer input, and allows for a beautiful new site at a much lower cost. Obviously, this is not for everyone!

As you can see, the site very much reflects the historic aspect of the inn, as well as the Amish influence on the area. Dave said:

"Love the new site and we are seeing good results from it and stats are very good. "

We are so glad when our customers are happy!

Annie Buck
Acorn Internet Services

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