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Internet Technology Update: IE 9 and its Impact on Flash

As internet technology moves at the speed of light, and not only software but also browsers change and are updated by their makers, we can expect to see more and more conflicts between these disparate software versions. One such example is the conflict between Internet Explorer version 9 and Adobe Flash. Depending on which version of the browser and Flash player you have, you might see a problem with Flash driven sites, meaning the site is built in Flash, or has a Flash splash page or Flash navigation.

According to posts and articles by both Adobe and Microsoft, the issue has to do with the new Hardware Acceleration in IE9, which does not work with Adobe Flash Player 10.3. This causes full Flash or mostly Flash sites to render incorrectly, so that pieces of the site are not visible or don’t work properly.

If your site has a Flash photo display, it shouldn’t be affected by this issue. If, however, your site is Flash driven, you might notice a very wonky-looking site when viewed in IE9.

Acorn IS does not build all-Flash sites and has never gone down the road of Flash navigation or Flash splash pages. If Acorn IS built your site, you should not see these issues when you upgrade your Internet Explorer browser to version 9. Acorn IS has adopted the CSS/Javascript photo rotation for all photo displays on our new sites, so those won’t be affected by this conflict either.

Adobe is “looking into” the issue and may soon come up with a solution. We haven’t seen any conflicts with Flash and FireFox verison 6.

Annie Buck, Sales Manager
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.
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