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Asheville Vacation Rentals and Inn Site has Wonderful New Website!

Mary Bridges runs a business within a business. She has both Asheville vacation rentals and Bed and Breakfasts, which all need to be represented in one site. On top of that, she is running and marketing these businesses in a highly competitive market.

Mary had a site that was not working. The coding was failing and she was unable to even make changes to her own web site. Mary came to Acorn for a fresh new site, which would not only look nice and give great information to her guests, but also work for her.

Acorn designer Tracy Howard came through with a gorgeous design, and other developers and project managers came together to produce wonderful features that make the site easy to navigate and use for the potential guest:

Said Mary about the process:

"We are very much enjoying our new site.  Our business is a bit more complex than a site that represents only one B&B (as a matter of fact, it feels like 3 websites in one).  Having Vacation Rentals, B&Bs and B&Bs that are really something of a hybrid between a B&B and a Vacation Rental is a different mindset for marketing - options I think the market (guest) is eager to find.  We struggle with how to best present ourselves to potential visitors - I find it very challenging and exciting to have these options for the Asheville tourist.  Willie was an excellent sounding board for the process.  He did a wonderful job - the team did a wonderful job.

The look of the site is great, but much more importantly to us is the function of the site and we are already seeing positive signs that the function side is making a difference for us in this very competitive Asheville market.

Whew!  I feel like we just went through an intense labor and now have a wonderful website to show off to the world!"

I love Mary's quote about labor- a custom new site design requires work not only on behalf of the company building it, but also the client- and when we all put forth our best, we end up with a lovely, working site like Vacation in Asheville.

Annie Buck
Acorn Internet Services

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