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Facebook Display - Edit Your Newsfeed Settings to See ALL Posts

Are your Guests Using Facebook in such a way they see your posts?

Facebook users are getting used to seeing changes when they log-in. One of the most recent changes is a bit less obvious. You may have noticed that recently you are seeing LESS of ALL of your friends and MORE of SOME of your friends.

This is because your Newsfeed on your personal profile in Facebook has two settings:

  • "All of your friends and pages" 
  • "Friends and pages you interact with most"

If the "Friends and pages you interact with most" setting is checked, you will not see the majority of your contacts, only those with whom you have recently interacted.

You might ask "Why as a business owner do I care about this?"

The answer is that if the people who have "Liked" your page (IE: Your Fans) are not interacting with you by commenting or clicking your links, they will stop seeing your content in their Newsfeed.

We want to help you to help your family, friends AND Fans (IE: People who LIKE your Business) use Facebook better, so we made an Educational Byte, which you can use to show people how to re-set their wall to see ALL of their Friends and Pages' posts.

It is a very easy procedure, and you might surprised at what you have been missing!

You can provide the link directly to the video on YouTube:

Annie Buck
Project Manager
Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

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