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Content Management Systems VS. Skype

Skype is an internet based phone software which allows calls to be made for free from the user's computer to other Skype users. This is an easy and convenient way to use the internet to save a bit of money on long distance calls. Unfortunately, Skype's software does not play well with Content Management Systems (CMS).

If you have a Skype plug-in on your browser or Skype enabled on your browser, when you open your pages to edit them in Pagelime, Snippetmaster, other CMS, even Newsletter applications, such as YMLP And MailChimp (pretty much any application which allows editing of HTML pages), when you publish your changes, you will see Skype links on your page, with very messy and unattractive code inserted into your HTML, as well as broken images and tables:

A "sykped" page header: 

Here is how that header image is supposed to look:

As you can see, this is a serious issue. It seems to be trying to make all phone numbers clickable for Skype.

Developer forums are full of developers complaining about this issue, as it is impossible to avoid this code being inserted into a page while editing with Skype enabled.

The consensus among all of the documentation that I have found seems to be to NOT edit your site with any content editor while using a browser with a Skype plug-in. Use a browser that does not have the Skype plug-in, or use a different computer altogether.

My recommendation is to not use any Skype enabled browser when editing your site with any content editor. Unless you are very confident in going into your HTML code to remove the offending Skype code, you will need to have this fixed by a developer, and until it is fixed, you will have a messed-up web site. 

Annie Buck
Project Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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