Bed and Breakfast North Georgia Very Pleased with Web Site

Chancey Hill Inn, a bed and breakfast in North Georgia, is a new inn on an old site. Owner John Harmon came to Acorn IS for a new web site and went through the whole new development process from the ground up. We worked with both John and his delightful daughter Amy to gather photos and wording for all of the new web site pages, as well as all the little pieces that go into a brand new web site and a brand new URL.

John wanted a design that would be fairly simple and easy to navigate- what do you think?:

John said:

“We are very pleased with our new web site. We’ve had a number of people mention how rich and informative it is. I’ve even had people call with questions and while on the telephone tell me that they were looking at the site as we spoke, and they felt that they could really see and feel our place.  It is great.”

We are very happy that we accomplished John’s desires!

Annie Buck
Acorn Internet Services

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