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Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast Overhaul Includes New Web Site Design

Rose Hilbert and Roman Pausch, owners of The Inn at Gothic Eves, a Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast, had been in the business a long time when they came to Acorn for SEO (search engine optimization) services. After having worked with us for on the "On-Page" side of SEO web site marketing, they decided to go forward with the visible "Eye Candy" side and build a new web site. In conversations with Rose, I learned that she was after a more natural look for the site, with images of real greenery, and nothing that looked "fake". I think the design speaks to that desire:

Rose and Roman had been working on not only web site presence, but also the look and feel of the actual Inn, itself:

"The site was one piece of many pieces of our overhaul of the business.  We have been in business for 16 years and when we opened we had a site, and a house that was the new and upcoming B&B services.  Over the years, we fell behind.  We were busy but still put time and effort into our website and homes.  After 14 years of business, we went to our first PAII conference and we realized how much we fell behind.  We met your company and budgeted into our next year of marketing to have SEO, pictures, and then a new design.  We also spent time and lots of money putting in new rugs, furniture, linens, and easy and quick remodels.  This has been a long process, 2 years.  It is hard to revamp, update and learn about this new social media.  We had to hear it two years in a row before we understood what all of you were talking about.  We are grateful for you help."

Acorn IS was co-founded by Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers and employs former and current innkeepers today. Our mission is to educate innkeepers to do whatever they can by themselves, as well as do for them what they aren't able to do. We offer classes and  even free videos, called Educational Bytes, for those who want to "do-it-yourself".

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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