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Inn Victoria Happy to Partner with Acorn Marketing for New Design

Dan and Penny Cote, the new owners/innkeepers of Inn Victoria, worked with us in stages. We started with moving the old web site over to Acorn Marketing hosting, then built up with Social Media and Search Engine Optimization, all the while moving forward with a new site design. Dan and Penny were learning how to be successful innkeepers while at the same time working with Acorn Marketing to make their web presence more robust.

The new web site launched a few weeks ago, taking Dan by surprise as we showed it to the attendees on one of our learning webinars!:

We really appreciate Dan's comments about the whole process:

"The words "thank You" simply do not portray how Penny and I feel about this new site and most important, the people from Acorn who made it happen.  Your team is professional in their ability to get the technical side done appropriately.  Most important, your team made it easy for us to communicate and work through the process.  Your team has customer service down pat, with gracious character and patience at that!  Thank you Acorn Team for making this process less daunting, more fun and customer friendly than I could have imagined.  In my previous life as an executive with an insurance company, web development was a nightmare...not so in this case.

Thank You Mark for making our transition from the previous web development company to Acorn an apparent seamless success!  I know you had a lot of work just to get this site transferred over...Thank You.  Penny and I are very happy with the partnership we have developed with Acorn and consider ourselves blessed to have done so! Take care,  and I do look forward to our continued partnership..... be patient with me, I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.


Dan and Penny, we look forward to working with you in the future!

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

*Post updated 06/28/2022

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