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Woman pointing at the word BLOG on a transparent screen and Webervations: Changes to Take Note of!

If you are a member of - and you are also using the Webervations system, you may have noticed a recent addition to your Webervations pages.

A New Feature has been installed on the Bottom of your Webervations Screen.

This new feature is the inclusion of the Review Widget.

It is interactive, and pulls reviews from the database each time the page loads.

This box shows your two most recent reviews - as well as a set of dots representing 1 to 5 "stars" in five categories (Guest Rooms, Service, Value, Cleanliness, and Dining).

These five categories are also averaged into an Overall rating.  These "stars" represent an average of all reviews you have received through, instead of the ratings from the two most recent reviews that are shown.

-- When this widget was added, they also added a second feature. --


Once your guest has completed their stay, will now send a short E-mail to your guests asking them to submit a review of their stay.

You do have the ability to control the way these features interact with your pages and your guests.  But note, currently the default is for these new options is: TURNED ON.  This leaves you, the Innkeeper with the responsibility to be aware of the situation and turn off these options if you do not want your reviews displayed, or do not want your customers contacted by requesting they write a review after their stay.

One layer of control is within under the "Reviews" section.  In this section of your account, you have the ability to set a minimum number of "STARS".  Any reviews with a lower rating will not be displayed.

Also - you have the ability to remove individual reviews from this display if you wish to do so.

The other layer of control is within your Webervations account.  Inside of Webervations under Property Info & Name and Address - you have the ability to tell Webervations if these features should be active for your listing.  There are two small check boxes near the bottom of the page that will allow you to turn the widget and the review requests on or off.

You can choose to use one, both, or none of these features.

If you are a PAII member, there are PAII Forum Thread Discussions available on this topic.

- Huge Problem w/ Webervations (Dated: August 3, 2010)
- Another Switch (Dated: August 3, 2010)

Finally, we have had customers tell us that they received an E-mail announcing these updates.  So check your mail box for additional details.

Willie Louthen Brown
Development Manager
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry One Client at a Time!

2 thoughts on “ and Webervations: Changes to Take Note of!

  1. "Finally, we have had customers tell us that they received an E-mail announcing these updates."

    While there have been many that were not informed, except by forum posts and this blog. They should have backed their email by having it in their Announcement box at log in. Communication has been a big flaw as of late with this bunch!

  2. Willie,
    Thank you for the information – I recall that you used to be with Webervations, and were always extremely helpful and courteous when I called for help. It's too bad the new owners lost the customer service skills that the company used to have.

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