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Auto Feed your Blog Posts to your Facebook Business Page Wall - Updated Instructions

This page has been edited to add new information 09/10/2010:

On Friday, January 15, 2010 we posted the following Blog Entry:
Social Media posts quick and easy - Keeping it simple for our Customers!

As part of this post, we provided “Way 1” step by step instructions for auto-feeding your Blog posts (Google Blogger or WordPress) to your Facebook Business Page Wall.

These instructions have changed as follows:

Way 1 - Set Facebook Business Fan Page to automatically post your Blog post on the main wall.

1. Log into Facebook
2. Click on "Edit Page" in left column, under photo
3. Scroll down to the "Notes" section and click the "Edit" link
Click application settings and make sure wall and box tabs are allowed, then under additional permissions, click the publish box.
4. Click on "Edit import settings" on the bottom of left column
5. Enter the RSS feed URL for your blog into the "Web URL:" box
6. Check the box to agree with Facebook's blog import policies
7. Click on "Start Importing" button
If that doesn't work, try just your blog's URL, or use your Atom feed.
8. View your Wall to make sure that the feed is working correctly
9. Click "Confirm" at top of page

How to find your RSS FEED ADDRESS…

Depending on the web browser you're using, you may see an icon like this:   or this:  on the right-hand side of the address bar. Clicking on this will open your RSS feed.  You can then copy the URL from your address bar. Use the same process to find your Atom feed.

Willie Louthen Brown, Development Manager
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry 1 Client at a Time!

2 thoughts on “Auto Feed your Blog Posts to your Facebook Business Page Wall - Updated Instructions

  1. 289,732 Points 2 Featured Posts Outside Blog Attended Rain Camp

    Thank you for the info Sam. I just set it up to feed my outside blog to my business facebook page.

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