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Seattle Bed and Breakfast Loves Elegant New Web Site Design

A recently opened Seattle Bed and Breakfast, Sleeping Bulldog now features a lovely new web site designed and marketed by Acorn Internet Services.

Owners Korby Kencayd and Randal Potter came to Acorn to develop a new site for their not-yet opened Inn. Since the bed and breakfast would be opened before the site would be complete, we launched a "Coming Soon" page in the meantime. The lead time for the new design also gave us ample opportunity to get Sleeping Bulldog set up with Facebook, Twitter  and Blog accounts, and get an internet presence started even before the site was ready to launch.

The new site was worth the wait:

Korby and Randal are pleased with the new design:

"We are completely satisfied with the website that Acorn help us develop! It is surprisingly elegant, easily navigated and well worth the initial investment. The staff was exemplary and very patient with my limited computer skills. Our friends and people searching the Internet have given us nothing but praise about how nice our website is. This is probably the best investment that we have made to make our Bed and Breakfast a success. Thank you Acorn staff!"

We are very happy when we make our customers happy! Korby has followed up his new site design by attending Acorn Webinars to learn more about how to promote his new business. Good Luck to Korby and Randal in the future!

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

2 thoughts on “Seattle Bed and Breakfast Loves Elegant New Web Site Design

  1. Thanks for nice Blog
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  2. Wow. Very clean, crisp and modern design. Love the font, logo placement and social media icons at the top. Great job!

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