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Facebook Blog Feeds Not Working- What To Do?

Many of our customers, and we ourselves at Acorn, have been using the Notes application within Facebook to feed our blog content to our Facebook Wall. Recently, we heard from several customers that they are experiencing massive delays in seeing the blog feed to the wall, which also seems to correspond to the time-frame in which Facebook was making changes to the Business pages, and the massive update from "Fan" pages to "Like" pages. Today, I have heard from two different bloggers, and experienced myself, that the blog URLs are being rejected by Facebook outright, even after having confirmed that the blog feed is working fine in a feed checker.

I have researched this problem within Facebook help and forums, and although Facebook has not yet acknowledged this issue, a growing number of bloggers are reporting it in the forums. I can only assume that this is a Facebook issue and so am warning those of you who blog and import the blog to Facebook, that until Facebook gets this issue fixed, you will most likely not see your blog feeding into Facebook.

The work-around is to simply add your blog posts manually. To do this, after logging into Facebook, go to your Wall and add the URL of the blog post to the link function.

Here's How:
Go to your wall and click the link icon- outlined in pink, below:

Then, type in the blog post URL - just for that particular post, not the entire blog. You can get the URL bu clicking on the blog post title in your blog.

Then, click attach, and your blog post will show up on your wall. You can also add the first line of the blog in the "what's on your mind" part of the wall post to give it a bit of a "push"

This is not the best solution, but for now, until Facebook fixes the problem, or we find a better solution, it will at least get your blog content into Facebook.

Edited to add: As of 5:00 PM Mountain Time today, existing blog feeds seem to be back on track, however, we still are not able to get NEW blog feeds to take in Facebook - stay tuned for more information...

Edited to add - as of 5:00 PM Mountain Time 07/06/10 - Blog feeds are up and working again. 

Annie Buck
Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Marketing

1 thought on “Facebook Blog Feeds Not Working- What To Do?

  1. I had the feed when I first started using Facebook, it worked really well. Then it quit working so I deleted it. Yesterday I tried to re use it and when I put in my blog address it says there is no such address. I did notice however that is says you can add an RSS feed so I went to my blog and copied the address on the bottom bar in exactly, now it is feeding that way to my blog. I don't know how long that will work or if it is even the best way around the Facebook constant changes, for now it is working. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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