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Ohio Bed and Breakfast Benefits from New Web Site Design!

Garden Gate Get-A-Way in Millersburg Ohio debuted a new web site this week. The site is absolutely beautiful, with lovely photography featuring the inn and cottages  and the surrounding area with shades of lavender and purple. More importantly, the site has now been Search Engine Optimized to appear in search engine listings.

The new site launched on Tuesday, Carol Steffey, Garden Gate's owner, sent me this email on Friday:

"We have been getting rave reviews on our website.  Someone just called today and booked 3 nights and said that they never knew we were in the area and then they came across this great website! One of my husband’s Facebook friends wrote:


Hi. I saw your posting on FB and went to your website for your B&B.  I have to tell you something. I've been doing online marketing for some time now and it is a rare occasion that I come across a site like yours that hits a home run in terms of marketing.  Who ever did your site gets an "A+" I suspect you not have any problems booking your place. It is tremendous. Congratulations!

Thanks so much for the great job! "


The power of marketing and Social Media! Carol is a very interested innkeeper, who keeps on top of the trends and does her homework. She's also a member of Acorn's Club 60. 


Carol, thank you for all your hard work in gathering up what is needed for a new site, and for being so interested in what makes a great web site work!


Annie Buck
Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Marketing

1 thought on “Ohio Bed and Breakfast Benefits from New Web Site Design!

  1. The new site is fabulous. I really like the "A note from your host" section. With the flowers it really stands out and catches the eye. Carol's pictures are stunning. Great job everyone involved in this beautiful site.

    Tammy Doriot

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