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Have you ever used the Webarchive (Wayback Machine) Tool?

Become your very own Sherlock Holmes! Here’s a really great online tool that can be used in a variety of ways!

  • For Fun – Check out your site as it was years ago!
  • For Fact Finding – Review past information as stored in Web Archive!

For Fun!

Click Here and check out how your site looked in the past!  If you haven’t owned the inn from its inception, check out how your previous presence looked years ago! (Before you owned it!)

For Fact Finding!

Here’s a true story.  Back before Acorn Internet Services was founded, Mark and I, too, were innkeepers.  And for those innkeepers out there who have ever had to hire help will relate to this story.

We had had a bit of bad luck with an employee, and as we were looking for their replacement, we received a resume from a woman who indicated she had worked in the Caribbean at an Inn she and her significant other had gotten off the ground.  The resume had a LOT of experience.  All rolled together it seemed to be a bit out there; with our recent past experience we needed to be cautious, so I asked for the Web site address of this Caribbean Inn, and low and behold, it was all true.

I used the Wayback Machine to look at the dates the Inn opened and verified the candidate’s name on the site's archive.  We hired this candidate and she worked out wonderfully well!  But had she not been truthful regarding her previous employment, I would have figured that out (in part) by looking at the information in the Web Archive!

Go check out something for yourself!  Enjoy, this is a really fun and cool tool!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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