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New Year's Task- Back Up Your Blog

It's a New Year and time for new learning. A great task for the new year is to back up your blog.  Though we all trust Google to back up everything in the virtual cloud, for peace of mind Google makes it super easy to back up your blog content onto your own hard-drive.

The first thing we will do us backup the actual blog posts.

Step One: Go to your Settings Tab. You will find yourself in the "basic" tab. At the top of the page, you will see "Blog Tools".  Choose the "Export Blog" link.

Now, on the next screen, choose "Download Blog" :
You will now see a dialog box to save your blog.

Click "save File" and then "OK"

You have now Backed Up your Blog. Remember that this will only save the posts you have currently on the blog, so you will have to back up the blog periodically. I recommend marking it on your calendar for at least every few months.

Now, we want to save the template. Again, a few easy steps to put your mind at ease.

First, click your Layout Tab, then "edit HTML" :

Next, under "Backup/Restore Template" , click  "Download Full Template" :
In the pop-up dialog box that appears, click "save" and "ok" :

You have now saved a copy of your blog's template.
Another step that you can take to make the content even more safe, since computers have been known to crash, is to save the files to an external drive.
Take a few easy steps and keep your blog safe in 2010!

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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