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"Inspiration and Idea Tools" for Blogging, Tweeting and Facebook Entries

Are you struggling with ideas and inspiration on what to write your Blog posts, Tweets and Facebook entries about?

Most of our innkeepers who are using Social Media as a revenue generator are using Google Alerts Google Alertsis a service that will  E-Mail them anytime anything is posted in the Google listings about any topics they choose.

  • Could be “bed and breakfast”
  • Could be you hold weddings and are watching “wedding receptions”
  • Could be you are watching “” for continuing education

But if you feel your “Watch list” isn’t delivering you enough ideas, here’s another tool you can add to your Google Toolbox.  It’s called Google Squared.

Google Squared is an experimental tool that takes a category (like US presidents, roller coasters, or digital cameras) and attempts to create a starter "square" of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web. You can modify your square by removing rows and columns you don't like--or by adding new rows and columns and having Google Squared attempt to fetch the relevant facts. Verify and correct the facts in your square by exploring the original sources and investigating other possible values. If you're happy with your square you can save it and come back to it later. Google Squared does the grunt work for you, making research fast and easy.

Give it a try with some of these searches.

CITY + STATE + ANYNICHE (Kid Friendly, Green, Honeymoons, etc.)
CITY + STATE + TARGET MARKETS (Weddings, Business, etc.)

And see what Web sites are returned.  If there are any results that you might want to follow in your Google Alerts – log into your Google Alerts Account and add them in.

Remember, the more interesting you are in your Tweets, Facebook and Blog Posts, the more followers you will attract (AND KEEP!).  And the more followers you have, the more people you have a chance to win over and book a room with you!

And remember – All this is FREE!  It just takes a bit of thought, organization and work, and there is NO limit on the potential rewards!

Want to Learn More?  Sign up for our Continuing Education Classes!

Happy Innkeeper Online Marketing!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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