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Video Tweeting and the Innkeeper

You have learned to Tweet. You have added links with tinyurl. You have posted photos. Now, you want more, you want a  multi-media experience, and now you are one step closer. Let's Tweet videos!

There are several ways to Tweet Videos. I will cover 4 of them in this post.

Let's start with After all, it is the second largest search engine in the world. Youtube makes it VERY easy to share videos via several social media tools, including Twitter. You simply choose the video you like, then under the video, click "Twitter". If you are already signed into your Twitter account, you simply change the pre-filled message to your own message, and then hit update, and your video is Tweeted with a shortened URL.

Another service is called Ffwd - go to, another video service. You sign up, choose a video you like, then click the Twitter icon under the screen to share the video. This is a wee bit harder to use than Youtube, and has a lot less videos, but has different content, so it's worth checking out.

Number three is  Twitvid. This is a service which allows you to upload a video file from your hard drive, record from your webcam or share from your phone. You upload or  record, then click "Tweet Video" and you can either sign in to your Twitter account, or if you're already signed in, the service Tweets your video via shortened URL.

The last service for this afternoon is Vidly. You can upload videos that you already have on your hard drive, record a video from your webcam, or import a video from other video hosting services, such as Youtube. This is sort of an all-in-one service which is very easy to use.

The screenshot below shows how this looks on your Twitter profile:

Play with video and have fun Tweeting, and Acorn customers, join us for our upcoming "Don't be a Twitter Quitter" WEBinar. Register HERE.

Annie Buck
Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Marketing

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