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Colorado Bed and Breakfast Assocation Conference 2009

Mark and Lisa Kolb attended the Inns of Colorado Bed and Breakfast Conference in Golden, Colorado this past weekend, November 8-9, 2009. It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones.

The trivia question for our session was: “Lisa held two different  Inns of Colorado board positions while she and Mark owned their bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs - - - What was the 1st position Lisa held?”  It was surprising that no one was able to guess what it was.  Everyone guessed the position Lisa held second, which was Marketing Chair.

The answer was Association Secretary.  Lisa filled in as the Secretary as her first role on the board!

A Bit More Trivia: Lisa held the Marketing Chair role during the same time frame that Sharon Rowe, formerly of the Gazebo Country Inn, was President.  Sharon Rowe now works for Acorn Marketing as our Client Services Manager.

We had a delightful time speaking to a large group of aspiring innkeepers on Sunday afternoon.  The number one take away from our session was “Do it right the first time!”  There is so much wasted effort and cost that can be eliminated by seeking to learn the best and correct information in advance.  The second take away was aspiring innkeepers need not wait to establish a following.  Facebook, Twitter and Blogging all allow an aspiring innkeeper to share their hopes and dreams (and create a following) even before the purchase their property or inn!

Then on Monday we spoke to the attending membership regarding Social Media.  We discussed the importance of first having a solid Web site foundation, and then enhancing that foundation by providing guests ongoing information that can assist in booking rooms.  We talked about the importance in providing information to guests in the preferred manner in which guests wish to receive it.  (Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters or Blogs)   If you communicate with your past and future guests how they prefer, you will create a solid bond that supports repeat visitors.

Again, it was great to see and visit with everyone who attended!  Colorado Bed and Breakfast innkeepers are awesome!

Mark and Lisa Kolb
Acorn Marketing Co-Founders

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