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Customer Retention and Growth within Acorn Marketing 2002-2009

With more than 500 Web Site customers, Acorn Marketing is proud to announce the following Customer Retention and Growth Statistics.

  • 30% of our customer base joined in partnering with Acorn in the past 2 years.
  • 70% of our customer base has been partnering with Acorn for the past 3 to 7+ years.

We attribute our high retention and continued growth to a variety of reasons.

First, we have never cold “call” solicited any potential customer. Our growth is based solely on our existing customer success and word of mouth, or in today’s Social Media vernacular “World of Mouth”. We have chosen to follow the path that says “Do the Right Thing” and everything else will fall into place.

Second, we believe in providing customers with what they need to know to benefit their bottom line IE: “Show me the Money”. This is the top priority of all customers, whether it comes to hosting, Web design or new Social Media opportunities such as Twitter, Blogging or Facebook. It isn’t always about the “Newest Technology” of this or that platform. It’s about how to get the most business out of the effort a customer puts forth into being seen on the Web and generating business. It’s simply all about ROI (Return on Investment.)

Third, we will never ask any customer to do anything that we can’t prove has potential to help them with their bottom line. As 9 year veteran Innkeepers ourselves, we use that knowledge to help all our customers do their business efficiently and effectively. We know you don’t have time (or money) to waste on doing things that won’t help make you money.

We promise to continue to find ways to support our customers both new and existing with our services and products as we move into our 8th year of service.

  • Customer Education (Webinars)
  • Products such as Intell-a-Keeper and Urchin (Google Analytics) Tracking
  • Content Editing (So Innkeepers can keep their site updated without a programmer)
  • Innkeepers Support Groups (Club 60)
  • New Web Design and “Site-Lift” Options
  • Social Media (Twitter, Blogging and Facebook)
  • Ongoing Specialized Client Support
  • Group and Association Support

And last, but not least, let us take a moment to thank all our wonderful and awesome Innkeepers and Small Business Clients who make up our Acorn Customer base. Without you, Acorn wouldn’t be what we are today! From all of us at Acorn Marketing, Thank You!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

*Post updated 06/28/2022

1 thought on “Customer Retention and Growth within Acorn Marketing 2002-2009

  1. Lisa,
    You and your knowledgable staff are awesome. I have learned so much, especially in the last few months through your webinars. We personally want to thank you for all the help and answers to questions you have given us over the years. Thanks for being there.


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