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New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Saves the Day for Fox News!

We at Acorn were thrilled to receive an email from Dallas Renner of the award-winning Chocolate Turtle Bed and Breakfast telling of the exciting news that the Bed and Breakfast was featured on Sean Hannity's Blog. It happens that the Fox News crew were in Rio Rancho and were in need of high speed internet to transmit a story for the Sean Hannity show that they had just taped. They found The Chocolate Turtle via the internet on a Blackberry, and called to see if they could come and use the Inn's internet. Dallas and Nancy graciously agreed, and the story was transmitted and the day saved! The Renners sent us the link to Sean's blog: Chocolate Turtle Saves the Day.

What a wonderful story! Just goes to show how doing a kind deed can come back to help you!

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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