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Mobile Web Design: Keeping Pace

The function of a Mobile-Friendly web site is to facilitate potential guests searching for a B&B from their mobile device (Blackberry, Palm Trio, i-Phone or any device with a visual internet display). Because your full web site is built in a wide format to be viewed on a laptop or desktop monitor, much scrolling would be required for your site to then be viewed on a mobile device - which will frustrate the viewer looking for quick information without having to navigate to many full size pages of your site.

Building a mobile friendly site gives the potential guest basic details about your property at-a-glance, thus allowing them the opportunity to contact you about availability perhaps as they are driving into town or making a last minute decision to getaway from the weekend while they are in between meetings. When viewing these mobile friendly sites, do not expect them to look as pretty or as detailed as your full web site. The purpose is to get your basic information into your future guests' hands in short order.

No additional optimization is required on your mobile site; the search engines will continue to index your main web site. People will find your main web site in the search engine results, but when they click on a listing they will be redirected to the mobile site if they are using a mobile device.

Acorn routinely sets up and hosts a subdomain for your mobile site at no additional charge (when we host your regular web site) such as You also have the option to purchase a .mobi extension for your url which Acorn will host at no additional charge along with your regular hosting package for your full site.

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Sharon Rowe
Professional Client Services Manager
Acorn Marketing

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