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Blogging Success – The Proof is in the Placement!

There is so much talk out there about WordPress being the “BEST” or the “ONLY” Blogging platform for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I will say this yet again, it’s all about the way the Blogging software is installed and the way a Blog is written as to where it will show up in the search engines. Platform is your choice.

If someone wants to push you toward a particular platform, make sure they can PROVE it will work for you to get your business seen. Bells and Whistles aren’t what’s going to get you seen. Education on how to write a good post is what you need to know. And when you put it in practice, IT WORKS! (See Proof Below)

In fact the entire 46 minute Matt Cutts video that was recorded at the WordPress Conference in San Francisco was all about techniques for good Blogging, and Security for your Blog content on WordPress. All great information!

The key is: You MUST use good search phrases in your Title and Post content (including quality links in the text). If you are using content that no one is typing, your post might show up high for your choice of content, but it DOESN’T matter, if web surfers aren’t looking for what you are typing, those surfers will never see your post.

Here’s the Proof!

The follow search phrases are valid, quality phrases. IE: We know for a fact that Human Surfers type them. Our customers look them up and make sure someone is using them before they write their Blog posts.

Test this yourself - Go to Google and Type in any of the following Search Phrases and look for these customer's blog posts.

Search Phrase: Hershey Symphony Orchestra
Results: Page 1 1825 Inn Blog

Search Phrase: Hershey Honeymoon
Results: Page 1 1825 Inn Blog

Search Phrase: Folkmoot International Festival, NC
Results: Page 1 Andon Reid Inn Blog

Search Phrase: Waynesville North Carolina Farmers Market
Results: Page 1 Andon Reid Inn Blog

Search Phrase: Biltmore Estate Ticket Packages
Results: Page 1 Wright Inn Blog

Search Phrase: Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors
Results: Page 1 Wright Inn Blog

And the list goes on and on. The key is all these customers came to one of our Blog Webinars, learned how to correctly write a great blog post, and put it in action! And their stats prove they are getting visitors from these phrases. Oh, and by the way, all these folks are using Google Blogger.

Remember, Blogging is a great way to get seen for things your web site isn’t already marketed to do for you. If you write post after post with your Inn Name, Location, etc. It becomes repetitive not only for your readers, but also for the Google Indexing Search Engine. Branch out. Think outside the box. Draw in customers on something other than who and where you are!

We can prove these techniques increases visibility, placement and ultimately bookings!

Finally, Acorn has customers using both Google Blogger and WordPress. Both are successful when they follow the basic guidelines above. Your choice of platform is yours, check them out, compare ongoing support, security, and cost for hosting and maintenance and then you decide what’s best. Do you want easy? Do you want lots of bells and whistles? Do you just want something that will work for good SEO? It’s your choice.

And remember, if anyone tells you "Google Blogger will not help you with search engine placement..." [Read More] They are NOT telling you the truth.

As a past innkeeper, I know that the majority of our customers just want to “Get it Done Right the first time” and have it provide good ROI. We can teach anyone do this on any platform they choose, and our customers are succeeding, and we can prove it.

Want to learn more about quality Blog posting? Register for the next Blog Webinar!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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