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Michigan Bed and Breakfast - Munro House "Site-Lift"

We are happy to announce that the new "Site-Lift" is released and online. Working with Mike was a joy. He knew exactly what he wanted to be done with his site, but at the same time was still open to suggestions as we moved through the process. Below are the BEFORE and AFTER shots.

We are seeing that Updated Site-Lift and New-Site Designs are definitely keeping our customers ahead of the curve during our current economic situation.

Mike posted a nice write-up about the process on his own Blog. Below is just one excerpt from that post.

... At the Atlanta PAII I learned a lot about Twitter and Facebook and blogging and SEO and online reservations and google and website enhancements.

By the end of the conference, I found that a great deal of the useful relative information came from the folks at Acorn Marketing.

  • Acorn was the vendor who was giving the most time to make sure that innkeepers were well-informed--whether or not they were current clients.
  • Acorn was the vendor who was showing innkeepers the most basic techniques that would significantly affect their website in a positive way.
  • Acorn was the vendor who taught innkeepers to understand how things worked on the internet and what could be done to improve each B&B's visibility in their market.

Attendees didn't have to buy anything to get the benefit. All anyone had to do was attend the seminars. It was obvious who I trusted the most to get me where I wanted to be on the internet.

Read Mike's entire blog post about his experience in completing the "Site-Lift" for his web site on the Munro Bed and Breakfast BLOG (CLICK HERE).

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Definition: "Site-Lift"

A "Site-Lift" will simply freshen up your site so you are more visually appealing to your customer base. A "Site-Lift" will update images (customer must provide quality photography for this to happen), clean up look and feel, possibly a bit of simply flash, or updated navigation. The difference between a Site-Lift and a Full Site Re-Design is that we do not add any additional pages, or change the overall functionality of the site. We simply freshen what you have so that you may stay more competitive in today's market.

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry One Innkeeper at a Time!

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