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Michigan Bed and Breakfast - Milford Guesthouse

Milford Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast

"The Acorn group I have been working with for my new website have been wonderful. All very professional and knowledgeable team to work with. I am very happy with my website. It looks beautiful! Thanks, everyone!"

~Karen Shelton, Milford Guesthouse B&B.

This is a quote from Karen, the owner of Milford Guesthouse, one of Acorn's newest full site designs. Karen is a new innkeeper, and had a lot on her plate when she started out to get a site for her inn. She had interesting ideas, and wanted to feature the beautiful pool and tiki hut on the property. As you can see by the header on her site, the pool was incorporated right into the design, in the background of sparkling water!

Karen has already had several guest stay at the Inn, and has enjoyed it very much, we wish her continued success and joy in her new vocation as an Innkeeper!

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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