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Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast

The Old World Inn

We at Acorn are proud to present Old World Inn, a new Acorn "Site Lift" makeover design. Acorn is always looking for ways to help their customers in today's economy. So in addition to our "Web Design" services, which creates a custom design from scratch, based on a full and new set of requirements, we also began offering our "Site Lift" concept to our customers. The "Site Lift" basically takes the current web site design and "Freshens" the look and feel adding new features as needed by the innkeeper.

The new site for Old World Inn was a cross between a new design and a "Site Lift". The owners of the Old World Inn, Russ an Sharon Herschelmann knew exactly what they wanted their updated site to look like, down to precise image placement. Russ provided the layout for color specification, and features. With this information, Lisa Kolb, Acorn President and Co-Founder, built the site to match their vision.

Here is the beautiful result:


And the before layout:

With the consistent new navigation, page layout, overall appeal, customers will be better able to navigate the site, find and book a room!

Congratulations Russ and Sharon on your hard work!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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