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Bing and Local Search - Are You in the Loop?

Bing is Microsoft's brand new search engine. We at Acorn were interested to see that Bing has a local search listing similar to Google's Local Business Center. Do we think Bing will usurp Google for search? Probably not, but why would you risk losing business when you can register your business with Bing so easily for FREE?

First, if you haven't yet signed up for a Windows Live ID...
  • Do so here: Sign Up For Windows Live
  • Next go to Bing's Local Listing Center
  • To check if your listing already exists, enter your business information and click "Check Your Listing"
  • If your business already exists, just click YES to update your listing. If it's not already listed, just enter your info, then continue. You will then fill in your personal info, which is not shared, it's for verification and contact purposes.
  • Continue down through the fields, filling in as much information about your business as applies, and click next.
  • Now, choose categories for your business, click next.
  • You will now verify your marker placement on the Bing map.
  • You can correct placement by simply moving the pin with your cursor.
  • Next, click I Accept to agree to the user contract.
  • The last step is to have a letter sent to you or be called at your business.
  • Choose your preferred method and click submit.

You're all done. This process is very, very similar to Google Local Business Center!

Bookmark the listing center in your favorites so that you can return to update your listing.

You will need your Windows Live ID to sign in.

Annie Buck

Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry One Innkeeper at a Time...

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